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Astro West Fine Minerals

Blue Barite

Blue Barite

Nodor, Morocco

This impressive spray of blue barite is on matrix and of the finest grade. Clusters of this magnitude, size and quality are incredibly rare. A remarkable feature is that of the proximity of the clusters to each other, creating one large stunning piece rather than small, spaced-out clusters. This is a very three-dimensional and sculptural piece and has a wide rage of presentation. The crystals here are composed of individuals that are sharp and mainly doubly terminated, with some sword-tip terminations and thin, tabular bladed crystals, with a sky blue color and incredible luster and translucency. Until the mine closed in 2015, blue barite from Morocco was one of the hottest items on the mineral market. Now that the mine is exhausted, fine pieces like this one are hard to find, and most are damaged, small, and colorless – unlike this stunning find. All crystals are in pristine condition.

Dimensions: W 4" × D 3" × H 6"

Weight: 666.8 g

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