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Orthoceras Statue

Orthoceras Statue

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This is a superb, unbroken slab filled with naturally occurring Orthoceras fossils that were a part of the prehistoric ocean floor, dating back over 400 million years. This piece has not only regular sized belemnites but also one of tremendous size cutting across the middle to bottom of the slab.

As these forms of prehistoric squid were covered in ocean sediments prior to fossilization, the majority of the creatures will be facing in the same relative position, having been lined up by currents on the sea floor prior to being buried. The fossils are revealed and polished create a better view of the creatures from their surrounding matrix.

The slab features very high relief as well as dramatic texture and details like tentacles and ink sacs, features present on like current-day squid. Except for belemnites, all cephalopods had external shells with hollow internal chambers separated by walls called septa.

Found in the Anti-Atlas Mountains of Southern Morocco, this specimen dates back to the Devonian period.

Dimensions: 24"W x 6.5"D x 22.5"H
Weight: 67 lb.

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