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Sericho Pallasite Meteorite Slice // 113 Grams

Sericho Pallasite Meteorite Slice // 113 Grams

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This luminous Sericho pallasite meteorite slice dates back approximately 4.5 billion years and was discovered in Kenya. The stony-iron meteorites were first identified as such in 2016; the shower is thought to have occurred decades ago, although the actual date is still unknown. This slice features beautiful orange and green olivine crystals - the mineral form of peridot - suspended in an iron-nickel matrix on which you can see the Widmanstätten pattern unique to iron-nickel meteorites. This specimen will make an impressive addition to any meteorite or mineral collection.

Pallasite meteorites are a fascinating mixture of stony-iron matrix and the silicate olivine, where in planetary bodies heavier iron forms a core and lighter, rock-forming minerals comprise a mantle. These rare meteorites - the class of which comprises less than 1% of all known meteorites - are likely the result of collisions between asteroids in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter in the early days of our solar system. These asteroids ultimately fragment into meteorites which fall to earth so that you can hold this slice of the heavens in your hands. This fine meteorite is coated to protect the iron-nickel matrix from rusting. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

Dimensions: 4-1/2"W x 1/8"D x 4-1/4"H, Weight: 113 g


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