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Rhodochrosite Stalactites From Argentina // 7-7/8" Long

Rhodochrosite Stalactites From Argentina // 7-7/8" Long

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These unique rhodochrosite stalactites from Argentina are a rare find. Formed from precipitation off of manganese-rich rocks inside the tunnels of Argentinian silver mines and only found in the 13th century, they grew over hundreds of years into extraordinary works of art. With vibrant pink and red coloring and concentric growth layers, the two intertwined stalactites (the longest 7-7/8") present an exciting puzzle. We can speculate that they grew in a manmade tube or some similar accidentally controlled environment but the truth of how exactly they grew entwined is a mystery. Own a piece of history and a scientific fascination today!

Dimensions: 2"L x 1-3/8"W x 7-7/8"H, Weight: 440 g


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