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Green Apophyllite Disco Ball // 47 Grams

Green Apophyllite Disco Ball // 47 Grams

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This minimal-contact 360-degree prismatic apophyllite "disco ball" came out of the only pocket for these confections in Maharastra, India. It features a pigmented green core that gives way to contrastingly clear tips on the flatly-terminating radiating pyramidal crystals - a new crystal habit for apophyllite discovered accidentally during the digging of a well. An excellent addition for the novice or seasoned collector alike, these "disco balls" are becoming harder to find on the market and more coveted because none are still coming out of the ground. They are often acquired through old collections.

Dimensions: 2"W x 1-3/4"D x 2"H, Weight: 47 g


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