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Spectrolite, Nuummite, and Boulder Opal Ring

$368 $460

This eye-popping arrangement features three deeply-hued gems edged in gold leaf on a sterling silver band. The dynamic labradorescence of the square-cut spectrolite takes center stage, playing beautifully against the cool, dark tones of the purple boulder opal and lustrous, rare nuummite. 

Spectrolite is the gem quality form of labradorite, which can ease transformation and awaken intuition and resonates with the throat chakra. Nuummite is a rare, ancient, and powerful grounding and shielding stone that purifies the aura and facilitates self actualization. Boulder opal similarly promotes self realization and helps to link the conscious and subconscious. This unique type of opal, which is formed on a matrix, also connects the physical plane with the spiritual.

All rings can be resized within ten business days for a $25 fee.

Size: 7
Dimensions of setting: 25mmL x 23mmW x 7mmH
Weight of ring: 8g

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