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Spectrolite, Boulder Opal, and Petrified Wood Ring

Spectrolite, Boulder Opal, and Petrified Wood Ring

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This lovely artistic arrangement features the natural tones of a boulder opal and petrified wood against the shimmering sky blue of spectrolite. Set in sterling silver with a matte finish with a pop of gold leaf around the spectrolite, this is a unique statement piece for everyday or for special occasions.

Spectrolite is the gem quality form of labradorite, which can ease transformation and awaken intuition and resonates with the throat chakra. Boulder opal promotes self realization and helps link the conscious and subconscious. This unique type of opal, which is formed on a matrix, also connects the physical plane with the spiritual. Petrified wood facilitates patience and is good for past-life work. 

Size: 7.5
Dimensions of setting: 27mmL x 18mmW x 9mmH
Weight of ring: 9g

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