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Orthoceras And Ammonite Composite Plate -- Ver. 1


This is a beautiful composite plate of orthoceras and ammonite fossils. Orthoceras date to the lower Ordovician to Triassic ages (500 to 190 million years ago). Ammonites are perhaps the most widely known fossils, bearing a typically banded spiral formation shell. These squid-like creatures lived in the sea between 65 and 415 million years ago. Morocco, located in northwest Africa, is rich with fossils such as ammonites, orthoceras, trilobites and dinosaur teeth.

Within Morocco lies a portion of the Sahara Desert which was once an ocean and which holds many remains like these. Skilled artisans have taken great time and care to polish and prepare these fossils for optimal viewing.

Dimensions: 5"L x 16.5"W x 21"H
Weight: 29 lb.

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