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Mexican Amber With Bee // 48.27 Grams

Mexican Amber With Bee // 48.27 Grams

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Chiapas, Mexico

Mexican amber dates back approximately 24 million years to the early Miocene Epoch, and this chock-full partially raw specimen with wonderful clarity features a large partial bee included within. The insect itself measures 15mm and is completely coated by the fossilized tree resin and accompanied by extensive debris. A gas bubble is filled with liquid above the bee's head. An excellent collector's item, Chiapas amber is known for its range of color; this piece displays a unique yellow unlike anything you'll find in amber out of the Baltic region. Chiapas amber is also harder than Baltic amber, making it less likely to crack or chip.

Dimensions: 3-3/8"W x 13/16"D x 1-7/8"H, Weight: 48.27 g


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