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Hand-Carved Onyx Chess Set // Ver. 2

Hand-Carved Onyx Chess Set // Ver. 2

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This hand-carved and hand-assembled complete chess set features a solid board made entirely of contrasting black and white onyx. From Mexico, the pieces in the set are beautifully hand-carved in an abstract style, with sixteen white and sixteen black onyx pieces per set for a total of thirty-two. Dimensions and weights are approximate and appearance may vary, as this set is made out of natural materials.

Dimensions of board: 13-1/2"L x 13-1/2"W x 5/8"H, Weight of board: 9.5 lb.
Dimensions of king: 1"D x 2-15/16"H, Weight of king: 56 g
Weight of set: 13.5 lb.

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