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Grounding Crystal Pocket Kit

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In a metaphysical sense, each crystal holds a different vibration that can affect our lives in different ways. We've put together a set of crystals specifically meant to help you to be more centered and to connect to your body more fully and presently. Take these stones and place them in whatever room you spend the most of your time in.

Perfect for calming the emotions that often disturb the grounding process, they help in releasing fear and pain and lubricate the journey to grounding. It gently removes blockages that might impede the energy flow into the lower energies center - which are imperative to grounding. Great for calming and silencing in the meditative practice

Moss Agate
The earthy colors in Moss Agate inspire a cooling and calming state to the bearer. They connect us with the natural forces that support our wellbeing. Carry Moss Agate to reconnect to the green forests and the core natural elementals that instill a peaceful and grounded state.

Red Agate
Agates are known for their stabilizing and strengthening vibrations. They are generally of slower and lower grounding frequencies, but coupled with rich red colors and banding, it adds a vibrant boost that stimulates one into taking action. It fortifies the physical body which supports our spirit and our goals.

This stone is a strong channeler of natural "Kundalini" energies. It connects us to the nature kingdom and the primal life forces that fuel us. The perfect crystal for getting grounded and reconnecting with the vibrant vitality in us and the Earth. / The perfect crystal for getting grounded, to fuel and stabilize your core in your transformation process.

Bronzite is a very protective and grounding stone - it contains the key elements to restoring harmony and defence when it comes to negative energy. Being an Iron rich crystal is the main catalyst behind these qualities. It has been used since Ancient Rome as an elixir for protection against mental confusion,illness and a general treatment to strengthen the nerves. Iron is the primary element of grounding and the core of the Earth, so Bronzite fortifies the blood and the assimilation of Iron in the body to fully ground.

A very powerful crystal of manifestation and will, it attracts prosperity into the physical realm. The color and luster of Pyrite evokes a sense of wealth and abundance into one's awareness. Its main element, Iron, is the cornerstone of all grounding frequencies of the Earth and thus the physical form. Perfect for solidifying manifestations and amplifying one's sense of self worth.

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