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Grounding Crystal Kit


In a metaphysical sense, each crystal holds a different vibration that can affect our lives in different ways. We've put together a set of crystals specifically meant to help you to be more centered and to connect to your body more fully and presently. Take these stones and place them in whatever room you spend the most of your time in.

A great natural cleansing stone which purifies the entire energy body. A unique form of crystalized carbon, the foundational element of life, can bring us into a refined alignment with our energetic bodies to better ground and purify ourselves.

The great cleanser! Selenite comes with all of our kits and it provides a medium of cleansing for all your stones so that no maintenance is required. Simply place the stones near or on the Selenite when in use or when on display in your home. Clears all blockages and transforms the negative into positive. A prerequisite for all crystal work!

The density and weight of Lead aids one in the sense of being in the body and connecting to the core of the self and the Earth. Lending a sense of strength and courage, it acts as a mirror to our shadow encouraging us to look at where we are afraid. It enables us to be grounded and fully committed to the present and in our body.

Black Tourmaline
The most effective stone for creating an electric grounding circuit. Black Tourmalines get their color from the high quantities of Iron, the primary grounding element. All Tourmalines naturally emit negative Ions – coupled with the electric properties of Iron, this creates a field of grounding that permeates the surrounding environment.

Perfect for calming the emotions that often disturb the grounding process, they help in releasing fear and pain and lubricate the journey to grounding. It gently removes blockages that might impede the energy flow into the lower energies center – which are imperative to grounding. Great for calming and silencing in the meditative practice.

Carnelians strong emphasis on the body and strength will aid in grounding and stabilizing the vibrations this kit will emanate. Surrounding ourselves with the vibrations is the first step, the next is instilling them deep in our bodies to have long lasting effects and to weather the challenges life presents us. Carnelian inspires us to take action and give these forces the vitality to overpower the worst of storms.

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