Astro West

Double Opal Ring


This unique piece juxtaposes an earthier, matrix-including boulder opal with a stunningly clear white jelly opal from Ethiopia. Incredible opalescence ties them together and makes for a radiant confection on an equally arresting, sculptural band made from sterling silver with strategic use of gold leaf. Verdant faceted green chrome diopsides and a yellow sapphire add color and flash. 

White opal cleanses the energetic field, helping negative emotional patterns to surface so that the wearer can break free. This fiery stone also amplifies emotion, inspires creativity, and is linked to passion. Boulder opal promotes self realization and helps link the conscious and subconscious. This unique type of opal, which is formed on a matrix, also connects the physical plane with the spiritual. Sapphire manifests good fortune and chrome diopside sharpens the mind.

All rings can be resized within ten business days for a $25 fee.

Size: 7.5
Dimensions of setting: 22mmL x 21mmW x 9mmH
Weight of ring: 10g


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