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Cobaltoan Calcite // 1.84 Lb.

Cobaltoan Calcite // 1.84 Lb.

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This coating of Cobaltoan calcite on host rock brings beautiful natural sparkle and luster and some of the best bright magenta pigmentation we have seen in this species to date. Both sides of the host rock are coated in the mineral. Cobaltoan calcite results from cobalt ions substituting for calcium ions in the crystal lattice of the mineral calcite. These cobalt "impurities" create the vivid pink or pinkish-purple hue of a species of mineral which can be found growing with splotches of velvety green malachite for unique visual contrast in locations like the source of this specimen - Zaire - where both copper and cobalt mineralization are present. This particular piece features velvety splotches of deep green, lustrous malachite growing over the pink Cobaltoan calcite for even more visual interest.

Dimensions: 5-3/4"W x 1-3/4"D x 3-1/2"H, Weight: 1.84 lb.


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