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Anglesite From Tsumeb Mine, Namibia // 5.04 Lb.

Anglesite From Tsumeb Mine, Namibia // 5.04 Lb.

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This deeply pigmented group of huge, sharp, beautifully translucent anglesite crystals from the famed Tsumeb Mine in Namibia features incredible, rare yellowish-orange coloring and natural luster. Anglesite is a lead sulfate mineral mineral first discovered in Anglesey, Wales, and large, well-formed specimens like this one with such visually fascinating crystal habits are hard to come by and sought after by collectors - especially pieces with more unusual hues than the more common white or colorless formations. A true collector's piece.

Dimensions: 3-7/8"W x 3"D x 5-3/4"H, Weight: 5.04 lb.

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