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Andamooka Matrix Opal, Green Chrome Diopside, and Peridot Ring


The shimmering opalescence of the green Andamooka matrix opal plays beautifully against the color of the green chrome diopside and accenting peridot. The verdancy of the stones is perfectly in line with the subtle floral theme of the intricately tooled setting, which features one blossom alongside branchlike detail brought to life by the judicious use of gold leaf. A stunning confection. 

Andamooka matrix opal is a special type of boulder opal, which promotes self realization and helps link the conscious and subconscious. This unique stone also connects the physical plane with the spiritual. The sunny energy of peridot keeps the darkness at bay, and it helps with emotional issues while resonating with the frequency of expansion or abundance. Green chrome diopside brings energy that sharpens the mind to accompany the peridot's luminous vibrations.

All rings can be resized within ten business days for a $25 fee.

Size: 6.75
Dimensions of setting: 22mmL x 15mmW x 4mmH
Weight of ring: 7g

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