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Astro West Fine Minerals

Ammonite Half // 1.41 Lb.

Ammonite Half // 1.41 Lb.

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Madagascar ammonites are known for their beauty when polished. Often cut in half and polished to show the colorful chambers and septa, these are not fossils to be shut away in a box or drawer. Ranging in age from 120 million to 165 million years old, the exceptional beauty of these specimens begs to be put on display in the office or home. This piece boasts gorgeous hollow chambers with calcite crystals forming on interior walls and some even filling the chambers completely. Minerals seeped into the ammonite’s shell and solidified, creating its ornate exterior which is iridescent in some places. Feng Shui masters highly recommend the use of ammonites as a way of gaining knowledge and wealth. Some practitioners believe ammonites store all the knowledge in the universe and strengthen the Qi (life force). Dimensions: 7.25"L x 6.25"W x 5/8"H Weight: 1.141 lb.

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