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Ammolite and Sapphire Ring

$519.20 $649

This gorgeous confection features the shifting colors and frozen history of ammolite, an iridescent gemstone on fossilized ammonites – an extinct species of Orthoceras which resided in present-day North America during the Cretaceous period. The finely crafted sterling silver band with strategic gold leaf has also been set with fiery round yellow and orange sapphires, which pick up the orange hues in the ammolite and the gold. An all-around stunning arrangement. 

Ammolite is created when aragonite forms in layers over the outer shell of an ammonite fossil, creating an opalization effect. Thicker layers typically show orange, red, and yellow colors, while thinner layers create a green, blue, or even purple effect -- purple being the rarest and most cherished. Both sapphire and ammolite harbor vibrations of wisdom and prosperity. Sapphire has also long been prized as a stone of royalty. 

All rings can be resized within ten business days for a $25 fee.

Size: 6
Dimensions of setting: 25mmL x 18mmW x 7mmH
Weight of ring: 15g

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