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Ammolite, Peridot, and Sapphire Ring // Size 7.5

Ammolite, Peridot, and Sapphire Ring // Size 7.5

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This unique wearable natural history collectible features a genuine teardrop-shaped specimen of 71 million year old ammolite prominently displayed. Ammolite is the rarest Canadian gemstone. Discovered in 1906 by the Geological Survey of Canada, it has since been mined to make mesmerizing, colorful cabochons and pieces of wearable art. Ammolite only comes from one location - Alberta, Canada - and is one of a handful of biogenic (coming from life forms) gemstones. It is created when the mineral aragonite forms in thin, iridescent layers over the shells of extinct ammonites - a species of Orthoceras which can date back hundreds of millions of years. This hybrid gem-fossil is one of the most sought after materials for jewelry with stunning iridescence and incredibly broad range of color. Here this wonderfully iridescent specimen - featuring vibrant greens, blues, and purples - is surrounded on all sides by rare yellow sapphires and peridots to pick up on and play against the green in the teardrop of mineralized fossil. The band and setting is intricately hand-tooled with the judicious application of 14 karat gold leaf.

Size: 7.5
Weight: 7.29 g


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