The Tiara

Call for Price

One of the finer Quartz specimens to come from North America. It is from the McEarl pocket found  in Arkansas. The McEarl mine first opened in 1940 and has opened and closed multiple times throughout its history. In 1987 the McEarl pocket produced what are generally considered to be some of the finest quartz specimens available.  Possessing a beautiful, symmetrical, floral arrangement with a 180 degrees radial spray of quartz with several points at a 90 degree angle pointing upward, it appears to be a crown formed within the Earth; thus came it’s name “The Tiara”. This natural wonder has been in private collections for the last 6 years, but now it is finally available to the public.


Dimensions: Length: 6.5″ Width: 4.5″ Height: 4.5 Weight: 2.5lbs