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(The High Heel) Amethyst Stalactite with Botryoidal Fluorite and Calcite

$6,500.00 $4,550.00

Puna, India

This one of a kind specimen is an Amethyst Stalactite in shape of a High Heel. It features as a wonderful accent, two Botryoidal Fluorite spheres that are perfectly placed at the vamp of the shoe resembling a stylish shoe clip, as well as a cluster of Calcite crystals at the heel jutting out like an Mercurial wing and only one point of contact hidden under the toe. The specimen is viewable 360 degrees, is complete and damage free and is a fabulous cabinet or center piece. These museum quality pieces, especially ones that have any anthropomorphism are incredibly rare, one of a kind and cannot be reproduced.

Dimensions: L 7″ x W 3″ x H 7″
Weight: 3lbs

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