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Pyrite in Martix


Navajun, Spain

A superb, naturally cubed individuated pyrite cluster from Spain is embedded in a matrix of basalt. 100% natural no cutting or polishing was involved with the crystals whatsoever. It features upwards of 40 pyrite cubic crystals between half an inch and two inches wide — and a high luster on each crystal. This specimen is only found in Navajún Spain, and amazing large aesthetic pieces like this only come out from the mines every few years. While a cube is the native geometry of a single pyrite crystal, it is easily overlooked due to the fact that they normally grow in clusters. The provenance of this location is the novelty of individuated crystals, a single cube and perfection of crystallization in the geometry. This is a rare specimen due to the number of cubes, the overall size of the piece and that it is still attached to the matrix!

Dimensions: 7.5″L x 17.5″W x 20″H
Weight: 110 Lbs

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