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Czech Republic

This Moldavite specimen offers excellent aesthetics: the piece’s luminous green color, gorgeous natural indentations, and great condition makes this find an overall amazing specimen.

Moldavite is one of the most sought after of all tektites. Approximately 15 Million years ago, a meteorite crashed in southern Germany. The resultant explosion sent fragments of Earth into the sky where it crystallized into a natural green glass raining down from the heavens into the Czech Republic. High-quality Moldavite is becoming increasingly harder to find.

From a metaphysical perspective, Moldavite promotes transformation and accelerates spiritual evolution. Although it will work to activate all of the chakras, it resonates powerfully with the heart and the third eye. Moldavite can also be used as a stone of protection.

Dimensions: 1″L x 3/4″W x 1/2″H

Weight: 5.8 grams

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