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Woolly Mammoth Molar And Root // 1.52 lb

Woolly Mammoth Molar And Root // 1.52 lb

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Found in Siberia, this specimen is the fossilized molar and root of a woolly mammoth. Incredibly well preserved, you can clearly see the details of the molar and the root. This particular specimen is over 10,000 years old. Gone extinct during the Pleistocene era (or, the Ice Age), we know a lot more about these Mammoths than other extinct species as we've found very well preserved specimens in permafrost - still with the thick coat of fur intact. Similar to modern elephants, these animals were grazing herbivores. The structure of their teeth, including the well-defined grooves in this molar tooth, were excellent for grinding plants. This excellent piece of frozen history will make a fascinating addition to any fossil collection.

Dimensions: 5"L x 5"H x 2,5" D, Weight: 1,52 lb.


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