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Elestial Citrine Cluster // 1.80 Lb.

Elestial Citrine Cluster // 1.80 Lb.

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This luminous large 100% natural untreated cluster of hefty, beautifully terminated and naturally lustrous citrine points from the DRC features the incredible deep amber hue sought after by collectors of this mineral, which is only found as natural untreated elestial points - meaning the larger terminations are surrounded by multiple smaller terminations with stepped growth patterns - in this one location: the DRC. This specimen displays remarkably large points compared to the majority of the citrine coming out of this location and will make an excellent display piece for the seasoned collector or novice alike. The cube pictured measures 1" in diameter and is not included.

Dimensions: 3-3/4"W x 4-1/4"D x 4"H, Weight: 1.80 lb.


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