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Cylindrical Aquamarine with Feldspar

Cylindrical Aquamarine with Feldspar

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Discover the breathtaking beauty of this cylindrical aquamarine with feldspar from the rich mines of Pakistan . This unique gemstone features a striking combination of aquamarine's serene blue tones and the intricate textures of feldspar, making it a perfect piece for collectors and jewelry enthusiasts. The aquamarine's natural clarity and the feldspar's distinctive patterns create an eye-catching contrast, highlighting the natural artistry of this gem. Ideal for custom jewelry designs or as a standout addition to any gem collection, this Pakistani aquamarine with feldspar is a testament to the Earth's geological wonders. Enhance your collection with this exquisite gemstone and enjoy its timeless elegance and rarity.

Dimensions: 1.1" D x 4.75" H

Weight: 88g


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